A must see is the word for the season of art and decoration of Campinas. From October 22 to December 7, the Bishop’s Palace is divided into 35 environments, signed by professionals in architecture, landscape, photography, interior design and urbanism, which worked to present a show of variety and good taste in shows this year. Architect Barbara Panassi invited the artist Karla Bratfisch to be present in his “Intimate Family Room” environment, taking advantage of the fine arts have never been so high in the Brazilian market decor. “A little color does well to any environment,” says the architect.

The Private Room Family have signed Barbara Panassi. The architect, who works in the city and region Itatiba, designed the environment showing the classic French style, combining it with the special character of colonial furniture, which greatly influenced her since Itatiba – his homeland – is a reference in the segment .
“It is with great honor that I will participate for the first time Casa Cor Campinas. Besides being a big step for my career, I can perform at the Intimate Family Room a new concept, where I was given complete freedom to demonstrate my creativity, influences, techniques and guidelines environment. ”
The space will also feature 03 paintings by artist Karla Bratfisch, which were created especially for the environment. “The Private Room Family deserves all my efforts. I used techniques for air and dripping paint for these screens, and warm colors, which provoke an unusual and unique look to the sophisticated ambience. Screens of large proportions bring the movement and the lightness that the environment deserves, “concludes the artist Karla Bratfisch.
Weight partners
Besides having the harmony of works by artist Karla Bratfisch, architect Barbara Panassi had excellent partners for the implementation of Intimate Family Room project.
“I can say that my suppliers are the best partners we could find. The city has excellent Itatiba professionals who will be showing some of her work on this show, “says the architect.
Names weight Itatiba as Silcon Chandeliers, Tamy Furniture, Hardware Dedim, Gavas Decor, Furniture and The Mansion are some of the companies that represent the town in the environment.
One of the biggest motivations for these partners and the architect is that this edition, the Casa Cor Campinas leave a strong cultural legacy as it will enable the transformation of the Bishop’s Palace, after which the show will originate the Archdiocesan Museum of Religious Art of Campinas. The new space will house the entire collection of art of the Catholic Church and the Campinas area will host workshops for the community.