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Karla Bratfisch


Karla Bratfisch was born in Campinas, Brazil, in 1992. At a young age, she already demonstrated her interest in the world of arts and colors. Even before she graduated from high school, she started adventuring in her creations using her own techniques as an artist. Karla finished her first collection of artworks in 2009, and that was the starting point of her career. In the next couple of years, she dedicated herself to Visual Arts, Fine Arts and Interior Design courses. In 2011, Karla went on her first international tour, exhibiting her work in Europe and USA. After that she proceeded exhibiting in Brazil, passing trough important cities such as Natal, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In partnership with architects and designers, Karla exercises her creativity and artistic sensibility collaborating in their projects with her paintings and creations. Currently, Karla continues improving her techniques and discovering new paths for her art, developing series with collages and photography, in addition to her commitment to social and cultural projects.



Alma Nua


The works of artist Karla Bratfisch jumped the screens and won the movement of loose bodies . Bright colors , a hallmark of her work, her hair loose and are now submerged in bodily poetry , giving even more life to the artist’s brushstrokes . The paintings were recorded in photographs and turned into new frames , framed by the photographer Silvia Maria point of view. The images make up the project named “Alma Nua”, an invitation to freedom of movement and immersion in our innermost colorful, one that appears only when the soul is bare.


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